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CPF provides warranty and non-warranty Authorized Service for...

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CPF Technical Services


  • Warranty and Non-Warranty Service

  • Technical Support

  • Custom Image Development and Image Loads

  • Managed Deployment

  • Asset Tracking, Reporting and Monitoring

  • Application Deployment

  • Mobile Project Consultation

  • Hot Spares and Cross Shipping Programs

  • Wide Area Voice and Data Activations

  • Trade In Programs

  • Refurbished Equipment Programs

  • On-Line Tools

  • Train the Trainer Programs

  • Priority and Expedited Access

  • Level 2/3 Issue Resolution and Coordination

  • Device Staging and Integration

Fast.  Reasonable.  Factory Trained.  Secure Facilities.  HIPAA Compliant.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.



4725 West Sand Lake Rd.

Suite 102

Orlando, FL 32819                               

Tel: 800-225-6893 Option #3


CPF is an established IT sales and service company.  We have volume pricing,  premium support, and decades of experience.  


Learn more about the CPF Advantage.   

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Monday-Friday  9:30am -5:30pm