The CPF/ISV/Hardware Alliance Solution  (more than 15 years in development)

Our goals are simple


  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Provide coordinated software and hardware support

  • Deliver ISV certified products

  • Safeguard all data in our HIPAA compliant service center

  • Maximize the return on software and hardware investment through productivity and uptime


The Problem: 

Most ISV's detest hardware, but they have the need to certify platforms and provide guidance to their clients.  Hardware is outside of the ISV's core focus, the products are many and ever changing, the margins are low , and the support is expensive and time consuming.  Hardware takes up valuable time and resources that would better serve the ISV with reduced costs and software development.


The Solution: 

CPF has developed a suite of ISV programs to address the hardware problems that face the ISV's. 

  •  Volume pricing to the ISV client = Low prices

  •  Pre and post-sale technical support

  •   Authorized Warranty and Non-warranty repair through the CPF Service Center

  •   Coordinated client care and support with the ISV to encircle the client with both software and hardware support.  This eliminates finger pointing and client frustration, in addition to enhancing the clients total experience and maximizing the ROI on both hardware and software.

  • HIPAA compliant facilities

  • Hardware evaluation programs

  • Hardware maintenance programs

  • Wide Area Activation Services

  • Asset tagging and tracking

  • Custom image creation and loads

  • Dedicated ISV hardware microsites.  Focused message.

  • Financing includes open accounts, credit cards, leasing, wire transfers, and LOC's.  Some of our leasing partners will include both hardware and software for smooth initial transactions.

  • An experience, integrity driven, professional team of hardware specialists that bring value to the total equation to reflect positively on the ISV's image and standing with their clients.

  • ISV Control.  CPF takes its lead from the ISV regarding minimum specs and certifications.

  • MDF (Marketing Development Funds) Sponsperships and Incentives.

  • CPF provides POS reporting to both the ISV and respective manufacturers

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements - Your company confidential information is safe with CPF.  We have more than a 15 year track record as a loyal, trusted, alliance partner.


The Opportunity:

  • Reduce hardware costs for your clients

  • Joint Marketing with Manufacturers

  • Eliminate internal hardware costs and costly support functions

  • Enhance the clients experience

  • Improve the clients uptime and total ROI

  • Maintain control of minimum specs and certifications

  • Capitalize on our Manufacturers ISV/MDF sponsorships and incentives

  • Receive no cost evaluation units for all certifications

  • CPF maintains the highest professional standards.  We are accountable to both the ISV and the ISV client

  • Turn hardware headaches into a positive for your clients, and receive marketing funds and sponsorships for your recommendations and referrals

  • CPF handles all Manufacturer reporting to support the MDF sponsorship and incentive programs


      Microsites                               MDF Funding                           ISV Control

           Co-Marketing                 Earn MDF Cash           Building Partnerships

Program Highlights

ISV Hardware Control

ISV control.  Control the platforms your certifiy and recommend.  Control the content and joint messaging on your dedicated microsite.  Control CPF hardware support to your clients. 


Control confidentiality through inherent CPF integrity as well as Non-Disclosure Agreements.


We follow your lead as a loyal, trusted, alliance partner.

Manufacturer MDF Programs

Manufacturer sponsorships and incentives.  Hardware MDF programs are available to the ISV through referrals, "spec'd in" hardware, certification of platforms, and closed business. 


CPF handles all detailed POS reporting back to the manufacturers for validation of co-marketing success.


 CPF Service Center

The CPF Service Center delivers technical suppport and hardware solutions from rollout to refresh.  We help keep your clients happy and productive.


We have a suite of technical services to emcompass our hardware products which gives your clients a more complete and confident experience, including ASP Authorizations from Fujitsu, HP, and Toshiba.


HIPAA compliant.


ISV Dedicated Microsite

Dedicated ISV hardware microsite.   CPF will provide a dedicated website that includes:

  • The ISV's marketing messages

  • The ISV's certified and recommended hardware listings

  • The benefits of the CPF/ISV/Manufacturer Alliance

  • CPF Hardware Technical Services

  • Special volume hardware pricing to the ISV Client

  • Direct Access to the CPF Service Center as an ISV Client